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BRAII is an alternative music band formed in 2017 in Kyiv (UA), playing in post punk and indie rock genres with fresh tones of Eastern European song tradition.

BRAII took part in the National selection of SZIGET Festival 2019, National selection for Eurovision song contest, local festivals and had solo concerts. The band released their debut EP “City of Nothing” (2018) on vinyl, took part in the BUSH Showcase, held several European tours in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

BRAII ’s worldview was partially influenced by the post-punk movement, started by Joy Division and the whole Manchester wave. Cure and other leaders of alternative rock, as well as the pioneers of the experimental scene - The Velvet Underground and the American singer and poetess Patti Smith with numerous followers of their musical and poetic radicalism, such as PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, and others took part in musical formation of BRAII.


EP 'City Of Nothing'

The band  released their debut EP “City of Nothing” on vinyl in 2018. BRAII performs its new album at the third European tour to be held in November 2019.

This is the quintessence of life, absorbed by musical experiments, a symbiosis of inner world and a reaction to what is happening outside”


The band has already shot 7 videos on their singles 'Slipping', 'WEIRDO', 'On The Bottom', 'Complicated', 'Maybe', 'City of Nothing', 'A Girl Who Wasn't There', and also studio live (BRAII: Istok Live Session) .



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